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Cement and Mining

The Cement and Mining sectors operate under extreme conditions. The environment and working conditions place enormous demands on all machines in the cement and aggregates sector. Unscheduled machine downtimes are commonplace. Our decades of experience allow us to operate in these sectors with competence, reliability and quality. Thanks to this, today we are able to […]

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Travaini Carpenterie S.p.A. has worked in the ceramics industry since the 1990s. Over the years the company has produced machinery and plant parts applied to the ceramics production process.   Main products Discontinuous grinding mills (10 to 60 m3)Continuous grinding mills (40 to 180 m3)Modular Continuous Mills (40 to 70 m3)PressesDryersAtomisersOther related products Projects mulino […]

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Environment sector

When plastic burst into everyday use in the middle of the 20th century, nobody could have imagined that it would become a global problem. Plastic is one of the planet’s principal pollutants but it is not the only one. Travaini Carpenterie S.p.A. pays particular attention to the problem of the recovery of materials, developing and […]

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Oil & Gas sector

Machine manufacturers and operators in the oil and gas industry want reliable partners able to deliver quality products. Our experience and professionalism helps us gain the trust of our customers with a view to long-term partnerships.   Main products Valves of various sizes:Valve 72-300-600Valve 60-300Valve 56-300   Projects Plus Since vindictively over agile the some […]

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Other Sectors

In our company new challenges and projects are the order of the day. The flexibility of our structure means that we are able to build new products to customer specifications. Our technical department is also able to support customers in designing original solutions to meet specific needs.   Main products Optical fibre reelsCivil construction (industrial […]

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Energy sector

Energy sector The world’ s energy sector is slowly but surely undergoing a sea change. The trend is towards an increasing number of renewable energy sources. Travaini Carpenterie S.p.A. has vast experience in the construction of components for the energy industry. Our mission is to provide quality, proven, state-of-the-art and flexible solutions for the power […]

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