Who we are



A story with deep roots

Mario Travaini opened his artisan company in Borgomanero in the 1960s. He was not even thirty years old but had been working since he was thirteen and had already built up a wealth of experience.

The expanding company soon felt the need to move to more suitable premises. A plot of land in Fontaneto was chosen for the new building.

The company grew rapidly and constantly. In 1980 it changed its name to Travaini Carpenterie S.p.A. and the clientele became more and more prestigious; thanks to its partnering with international companies, Travaini Carpenterie S.p.A. systems began to reach markets all over the world.


The ability to go further

It was a brilliant idea of the founder in the 2000s that turned Travaini Carpenterie S.p.A. into what it is today. The international scenario had changed and minor steel structural work was marking time. A leap in quality was called for to become competitive on international markets.  

The decision was taken to build a new plant of 3,600 sq.m., followed in 2016 by another of 7,200 sq.m., both equipped to process large products and handle items weighing up to 150 tonnes. The company’s operating capacity grew fast and today it covers an area of approximately 70,000 sq.m., 19,000 sq.m. of which are built over.

The company is able to produce structures, machine parts, plants and complete machinery to drawing.


The technical department can work with the customer to design the most suitable solution for specific requirements. Today Travaini Carpenterie S.p.A. also has a heat treatment plant and a new sandblasting and painting department.


The most important goal

is still to be reached

As it has done throughout its history, Travaini Carpenterie S.p.A. looks to the future, imagining and interpreting it.

Future goals will be a perfect synthesis of proven experience, design capability and technological development.

Once again the company is gearing up to interpret market developments and provide innovative answers to its customers.